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Generating a good-looking design is fundamental. But producing a design that achieves success in your market requires purposeful targeting and proper positioning--in other words, Strategic Design Planning.


Taylor & Chu’s focus on Strategic Design Planning generates critical groundwork and metrics for how design solutions are established, benchmarked, targeted, and confirmed as your design programs unfolds.


Our approach is based on the scope your opportunity holds.


If you have an individual product need, our design planning helps you to reach your business goals, outperform the competitors, and excel for the end customer. With a new brand strategy, we will map out an approach for your product line or multiple product lines within the larger context of the brand. If you are creating a brand or sub-brand from inception, we can provide key metrics and deliverables to assess brand validity and gain visibility in the marketplace. Finally, establishing a near and long-term strategic road map can be crucial when managing more than one product offering.


Our years of experience combine to assist your business with:


Strategic Design Planning

Brand Strategy

Individual Product Strategy

Visual Brand Language

Strategic Product Road Mapping

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