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Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging is often what makes the difference between an idea, and the visual results that excites teams, gains budget approvals, and rallies all those downstream to support a project. It’s what’s become the gold-standard in many cases to help visualize progress and iterate improvements, each and every step on the development path.


So many of our clients have loved the magic of DI that’s integrated into our projects, that we decided to also offer it as a service on its own. They’ve brought us their CAD data, and we’ve turned them into amazing Digital Images that helped propel the progress faster, more successfully, and gain buy-in by key stakeholders that drives success.


Our digital images from Keyshot gives you the opportunity to start creating communication and branding materials months and months prior to your product being delivered to you from manufacturing. Now you become first in line, rather than last in line when it comes to generating digital images. Images that are created from the very data files used by your manufacturer.


These digital images can be applied to your online presence for a product launch, advertising, stores  for purchasing and product descriptions pages. The same output can be utilized in any printed collateral from single sheets to posters to billboards. They can also be placed on all packaging and any internal collateral.


The speed and agility at which we can deliver your digital images will put you in firm control of exactly how you want your product to be accurately portrayed to your market and customers utilizing all forms of media.


Taylor & Chu has been working with Luxion Keyshot rendering software since 2016. It's been a key tool in our ID development on all our client work.

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