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Our clients demand research now more than ever before. They’ve seen the difference that our research methods bring to their planning process, which is unlike conventional market research. Taylor & Chu can facilitate a variety of research methods appropriate for your business, including those listed below.


Ethnographic observations. Observing users, decision makers, patients/doctors, or other stakeholders using a well-developed master plan can uncover patterns and behaviors that provide powerful understandings and lead to game-changing insights. It’s often not the obvious, but the broader behavior connections that lead to the most compelling and successful solutions for the market.


Deep-Dive interviews. Conventional interviews often don’t provide the insights we need to innovate and design powerful solutions. Deep-Dive interviews are a more powerful way to gather information. Based on years of knowledge, we prepare an interview guide which ‘peels-away-the-onion’ layers during the interview process. This exposes users' broad motivations and anticipates qualities they predetermined for success. 


Shop-along studies. When it comes to looking at tactical expectations, shop-alongs are just the thing. We find the right demographics for consumers and invite them to a visit to their favorite store to purchase the item we are designing. By accompanying them during the process, we learn all of the things that arise in purchase-decision making. These insights merge immediate needs with actionable goals.


Co-creation sessions. Inviting end-users to share the story behind their lives and work provides keen insight as to their ideal product solutions. We work with respondents to help them elaborate on and record their thoughts. They often turn the tables on what an organization thinks are best practices which can lead to a roadmap of new business opportunities.

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